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Custom Workflow Solutions

LUMEDX products are modular, scalable, and highly customizable to meet specific workflow needs. However, from time to time, our customers request additional customization services to meet highly specialized workflow requirements. To ensure that LUMEDX's customers have the solutions they need, we develop custom workflow solutions. 

EMR Integration: A large pediatric hospital needed HealthView to be integrated with their electronic medical record (EMR). By embedding our solution within the EMR, physicians and clinicians can now seamlessly navigate from the patient's enterprise chart to the entire cardiovascular history stored in LUMEDX -- without ever leaving the EMR. 

Custom Reporting: At LUMEDX, we frequently perform customizations for clients who require new fields and narratives in their reporting solutions. Although all of our solutions meet industry requirements out of the box, hospitals may wish to capture specialized information. Custom reporting solutions are typically low cost with a turnaround time of just a few days. 

Mobile Solutions: We developed a nutrition survey mobile application for a pediatric heart hospital. The app allows the facility to gather nutrition information from patient guardians while waiting for an appointment. This data is later analyzed in order to gain meaningful insights about the patient population. 

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