HealthViewECG - Stress - Holter

HealthView ECG Manager is a cloud-based, vendor-neutral solution for your ECG workflow that helps you maximize efficiency, optimize resources and support improved clinical and financial performance in your lab. By integrating ECG, Stress, Holter and other data into the Apollo clinical data repository, HealthView ECG Manager enables physicians to view complete, longitudinal patient records. This data can then be transmitted to your EMR/EHR, used for analytics and accessed from any location via the cloud.  

HealthView ECG Manager...

  • Enables access to over 22 data types by more than 30 manufacturers in over 10 modalities.

  • Makes ECG and other data types viewable in context with other cardiology information: labs, meds, images and more. 

  • Reduces lost Orders and resulting lost revenue. 

  • Automatically transmits reports to the EMR/EHR.

  • Enables the capture, storage and annotation of patient monitoring strips. 

  • Allows economical deployment to small clinics and large hospitals.

  • Supports analytics, quality initiatives and research.

  • Provides physicians with access to critical data from any location and supports ECG Outreach programs. 

HealthView ECG Manager is part of the vendor-neutral and fully integrated HealthView system, able to interface with virtually any existing system or device. 



HealthView is a modular cardiovascular information system (CVIS), offering solutions for your entire CV service line. You can choose from core and premium solution components, building the system that makes the most sense for your facility. 

Workflow Solution Components

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