Echocardiography procedure

LUMEDX offers award-winning cardiovascular information system (CVIS solutions) to help transform Echocardiography labs into Centers of Excellence. Facilitating immediate access to essential data and images and featuring structured reporting and PACS, the HealthView Echocardiography workflow integrates detailed, point-of-care patient information with HIS/enterprise-EHR content, enabling comprehensive patient reports.

The Echo Workflow:

  • Enables physicians to view, complete and sign patient reports and images from the hospital, office or home. 
  • Supports efficiency at high-volume labs by organizing workflows by procedure type.
  • Is ASE and ICAEL compliant.
  • Promotes efficient management of patient care and CV resources by automating scheduling, inventory and billing.
  • Helps improve outcomes and speed delivery of care by enabling you to identify, understand and act on individual and aggregate trends.
  • Supports referring physician communication and satisfaction.

Your Echo Lab Benefits From:

  • Trending: See trends in clinical data. Compare measurements over time to monitor changes.  
  • Wall Motion: Wall motion diagrams enable quick scoring of segments and creation of a calculated wall motion index and narratives that can be included in the report.
  • Measurement import: Measurements can be imported from all major-vendor imaging systems in all clinical modalities.
  • Advanced reporting: Report production is easier and faster with the Echo Report Editor (ERE).

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HealthView is a modular, vendor-neutral cardiovascular information system (CVIS), offering workflow solutions for your entire CV service line. You can choose from core and premium solution components, building the system that makes the most sense for your facility.

Workflow Solution Components

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