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Clinician entering registry data

 LUMEDX: The Number-1 Independent Provider of ACC & STS Registry Software

As quality improvement, pay-for-performance and value-based purchasing initiatives expand, hospitals performing cardiovascular services are challenged to find cost- and time-effective ways to participate in the registries. LUMEDX CVIS software streamlines the data collection-and-submission process, saving your staff time while improving data accuracy. In addition, when you invest in LUMEDX registry solutions, you get more than a straightforward way to collect and submit data. You receive tools to help your hospital continually improve its outcomes and become a true Center of Excellence. View video highlighting LUMEDX Registry Interoperability.

ACC NCDR® Registries

Action Registry®
AFib Ablation Registry
CathPCI Registry®
ICD Registry
IMPACT Registry®
PVI Registry®

STS Registries

General Thoracic Surgery
Adult Cardiac Surgery
Congenital Heart Surgery

State Registries
  • Export to California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program (CCORP)
  • Export to Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) Cardiac Surgery (WA State)
  • Export to Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) PCI (WA State)
  • Export to Connecticut Open Heart Registry
  • Export to Connecticut PCI Registry
  • Export to Mass-DAC Cardiac Study - Cardiac Surgery
  • Export to Mass-DAC Cardiac Study - PCI
  • Export to New Jersey Cardiac Catheterization Data Registry
  • Export to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Open Heart Surgery Risk Stratification Project
  • Export to New York State Cardiac Surgery Reporting System
  • Export to New York State PCI Reporting System
  • Export to Northern New England PCI
International & Other Registries
  • ANZSCTS Cardiac Surgery
  • EACTS Congenital Surgery


Real-Time Data Collection Results in Significant Quality Improvements at Mercy Hospital Iowa City. Click to Read the Case Study. (PDF).